Baton Rouge Police Make Arrests in 11 Armed Robberies

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Thomas Davis Mugshot Baton Rouge

Thomas Davis

The Baton Rouge Police Department has arrested a man they say has admitted his part in nearly a dozen armed robberies throughout Baton Rouge over the past few months.  Another man was also arrested in connection with one of the incidents.

Police have charged Thomas I. Davis, 1118 N. Ardenwood St, Baton Rouge with eleven counts of armed robbery and one count of attempted armed robbery. Also arrested was Thomas Arnold, 43, 1118 N. Ardenwood Dr., Baton Rouge. Arnold was charged with one count of Armed Robbery.

According to a report, police have been investigating a series of armed robberies that began on July 13th, 2013 in Baton Rouge.

The robberies were as follows:

  • July 13th – Family Dollar Store, 6823 Florida Blvd
  • July 14th – Wendy’s Restaurant, 7112 Florida Blvd
  • July 22nd – (Attempt) Wendy’s Restaurant, 6035 Plank Rd
  • July 29th – Wendy’s Restaurant, 7112 Florida Blvd
  • August 4th – Little Caesar’s Pizza, 4222 Government St
  • August 8th – Dollar General, 5352 Government St
  • August 12th – Family Dollar, 7165 Greenwell Springs
  • August 14th – Family Dollar, 5870 Plank Rd
  • August 26th – Subway Restaurant, 9462 Florida Blvd
  • Sept. 3rd – Family Dollar, 1542 N. Foster
  • Sept. 16th – Dollar General, 1931 Plank Rd
  • Sept. 18th – Advanced Auto Parts, 2346 Plank Rd


Thomas Arnold Mugshot Baton Rouge

Thomas Arnold

The total amount of cash stolen in all 11 cases was $12,797.00.

Investigators were able to obtain a surveillance video from the September 18th robbery of Advanced Auto Parts, which was robbed by three black males. The video showed a white Honda Accord leaving the scene of the robbery, which detectives were able to link back to one of the suspect’s mother. It was unclear if police had that man in custody at this time.

Through surveillance investigators saw that suspect frequenting Davis and Arnold’s residence. Police took Davis into custody for questioning about the robberies. While in custody, Davis admitted his role in all 11 robberies and the attempted robbery on July 22nd.

Davis was booked into the EBR Parish Prison and charged with 11 counts of Armed Robbery and 1 count of Attempted Armed Robbery. His bond was set at $575,000.

Arnold was booked for his involvement in the September 3rd armed robbery of Family Dollar. He was charged with a single count of Armed Robbery and booked into EBR Parish Prison. His bond is $100,000.

Also arrested was Tyquoan Carter, 17, 6875 Harry Drive. He was booked into Parish Prison with 2 counts of Armed Robbery for his involvement in the September 16th and September 18th robberies.

More arrests are anticipated in these incidents.



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