Baton Rouge Man Arrested for Attempting to Kill Unborn Baby

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Darrell Johnson Baton Rouge MugshotThe East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office has arrested 18-year-old Darrel Z. Johnson, Azalea Park Dr., after he allegedly attempted to kill the unborn child of his girlfriend by kicking the pregnant woman in the stomach.

According to a report, Johnson got into an argument with his girlfriend on February 20th at their Azalea Park apartment.

During the argument, Johnson allegedly began choking the woman, who is 7 months pregnant, to the point that she could not breathe and fell to the floor. While the woman was on the ground, Johnson began kicking her in the stomach.

When Johnson stopped kicking the victim, he told her that he “never wanted that baby anyway,” and left the apartment.

Once Johnson left, the victim drove herself to a nearby hospital to seek medical attention. The Sheriff’s Department was notified of the incident and met the victim at the hospital. Johnson was identified as the assailant.

A warrant was issued for Johnson and he was taken into custody on February 27th. He was charged with Attempted 2nd Degree Feticide and Domestic Abuse Battery.

Johnson was transported to EBR Parish Prison where he is currently being held awaiting bond.



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  1. cyriaque

    What a MAN! Another thug who can’t handle being “baby daddy” and another pregnant female bringing an unwanted baby through her legs that she opened so willingly.

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